Office Move Cost Cheaper Through Creativity

If you are deciding to move, remember that office removal can be expensive. You have the option to hire a company that will send big men with their lorries to move your office for you. If you are a small and upcoming business with not enough money to hire an office removal company then you might have to get creative in order to move into your new space. What you could do is make use of the manpower you already have. This is especially true if your new office space is only a few blocks away from your current one.

This is what happened to Moneypenny when they had to move to their new headquarters. The owner, Ed Reeves, decided that it was to move their office and he made use of his 500 employees. He knew that moving 500 employees along with their equipment, telephone and computers is not an easy task. They have considered hiring an office removal company but after doing the math, he found out that the cost will amount to £800 for each employee and the total cost would be £400,000. This is a big amount which they cannot afford to part thus they have decided to brainstorm and think of other ways.

In the end, they were able to move with the help of all the staff. They had deliberated using trolleys so each employee can move on their own since the new office is just down the road but in the end Reeves decided to hand each staff a Moneypenny Bag where they place everything in their old office to be taken in the new one.

They had to resort to desperate measures for large equipment. They hired a skip and those items that will not fit he commanded them to just toss it away. The company was able to save £390,000 in the end. He shared that he learned a lesson while they were moving and that it is okay to move out of the norm and do something that will benefit the entire company.

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