The Office Innovations Of The Future

Natural ventilation, efficient use of space and materials, a cozy ambiance and timber construction are a few of the innovations shaping up Australia’s office spaces.


Timber construction for offices

The managing director of Architectus, Ray Brown says that office innovations are focused around materials.

A good example is Lendlease’s CLT building in Barangaroo, Sydney. The structure which is 6 storeys was constructed using glue- and cross-laminated timber providing 6850 square meters of space.


Natural ventilation and efficient use of space and materials for offices

Siren Design’s chief executive officer, Mia Feasey says they are doing work with sustainability. They are working on WELL Building Standard accreditation. She adds that it is more than just paints having low toxicity but also about air quality and well-being.

Feasey also says the efficient use of materials is a top priority.

When Siren moved locations, they made use of their existing fixtures and furniture. They just replaced some table tops and did some reupholstering. For Feasey, reusing is more rewarding.

Their designers are urged to take the environment into consideration when giving advices to clients.


The office space influences

For Brown who has designed a number of innovation hubs and co-working spaces, he has seen a lot of influences that changed how people work.

For him, there is a convergence affecting design and architecture where sectors are influencing each other. For example, the travel industry affects the office design; the informal learning spaces have a big influence on office design; office design is also influencing universities and how postgraduates and PhDs are dealt with – no one is just in the office exclusively.


Cozy ambiance for offices

According to Feasey who works with tech sector companies like Facebook and Google, every sector has different needs for an office space. It is also now easier to achieve this with help from an Office Furniture Store in Sydney.

For Feasey, companies initially wanted offices which are professional in a way but now, it is welcoming and homely. She adds how offices are now “home away from home”.

She adds that kitchens which are fully stocked are also getting popular since companies want to feed their staff too. So, they are also doing many kitchens for offices.


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