NZ Post To Deliver Food?

In New Zealand, the Kiwis may be seeing more of the local post office with its recent partnership with Menulog.

Menulog is on online food and beverage ordering platform, which has been in service for more than ten years now. This has partnered with several restaurants so that people can easily order their meals whenever they want to.

At present, the 800 partners of the company already have their own ordering platform, but for those who still do not have their own, Paul Dodds, the commercial manager of Menulog NZ, says that the Local New Zealand Post would be responsible in delivering the food from the rest that do not have their own. He adds that there are a lot of restaurants that have yet to established their own delivery system. Until they can find NZ couriers who can do this for them or at the time that they have the means to establish their own, Dodds says that the New Zealand post is the best choice as they have nationwide coverage.

New Zealand Post already started delivering for Menulog in April. One of its more popular clients is KFC. What could have prompted this to accept the deal from Menulog? The national postal service has been experiencing a decline in mail and parcel deliveries, no thanks to the new and faster NZ couriers in the country. It was a clear indication that they needed to diversify their options and not solely depend on traditional stream of income. The break from Menulog was a chance that was considered too juicy to pass up since it was a way to increase the office’s income.

Currently, the partnership is still in its testing phase. NZ Post currently depends on 20 NZ Post drivers in Auckland. If everything goes well, they are expected to roll out operations across the country in the next few months. If everything goes smoothly, then the locals might be able to see some job openings for a few more drivers from the New Zealand Post soon.

Dodds says that he is excited about this new venture. Menulog has about 300,000 subscribers to date from all major towns and cities. With the inclusion of the New Zealand Post in the equation, could this mean that this figure could balloon even more in the coming months?

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