New Vaping Trend Popular With Teenagers

JUUL is the new vaping trend among teenagers because the e-cigarette is so small that it can be hidden inside a closed fist. According to Mil Schooley, a student from Denver who is 18 years old, majority of her friends have already been using JUUL. She estimated that between 50 to 60 per cent of her college friends have taken on the trend which started during the summer. People who are into vaping products such as vape wire might have heard about JUUL.

The trend is now taking over teenagers who are posting on Twitter about their vape pen and how they are able to use them while in class. Researchers have also admitted that there is a considerable increase in vaping especially in young adults and teenagers.

According to Oberlin College’s substance addiction researcher, Meghan Morean, they have seen the product in college campuses as well as high schools. She said that her friend, a teacher in high school, has already reached out to her because of their major problem involving students and their e-cigarettes.

Researchers are still unsure of the long-term effects of e-cigarette to the human body. The liquid used is a composition of flavors, propylene glycol, nicotine/hash oils and vegetable glycerine. They admitted that they are not sure whether the vapor is really harmless since the person vaping will still have to inhale hot chemicals.

Researchers still warn about e-cigarettes that contain nicotine because the drug is known to damage the development of the brain and can be very addictive. Through vaping, nicotine can be taken in high doses and experts are anxious because the new generation are already onboard the vaping trend which could lead to nicotine dependence in the future.

Morean said that the major reason for the popularity of JUUL and other vape pens in the market is that teens will be able to use them indoors because these do not release a stench or gather unwanted attention.

For those unfamiliar, vapes can come in various flavors and accessories such as vape wire for those who are into customization and this is the reason why teenagers have been so fascinated with the trend.

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