New Tools For Kevin From Plumb4You

Whether we admit it or not, we, human beings, the most advanced and considerably the most intelligent species that are walking on this planet called, Earth, are relying heavily on the various tools that use to do the things that are needed to be done on a daily basis. And as we speak right now, inventors across the planet are working on a consistent basis to come up with more technologically advanced tools that can be helpful in today’s hectic lifestyle. While some tools are relatively expensive and can be used only be certain industries, like it or not, the ability to use these tools are among the reasons why the humans are the most intelligent creatures among the creations of God. One of the many industries that are constantly in need of the newest and latest tools is the plumbing industry in which, Kevin from Plumb4You belongs to. To begin with, what does a professional plumber do that he is so important to every household in every city in every nation? Simply put it this way: they have the years’ worth of experience and the appropriate acquired knowledge and skill set to deal with various plumbing problems such as leaking water pipes, continuously dripping kitchen sink or worse, a non-flushing toilet bowl. And yes, professional plumbers know every single tool that is appropriate in dealing with a specific problem.

Just last April of this year, the company, DEWALT, who specializes in manufacturing tools that can be used by skilled workers such as electricians and plumbers like Kevin from Plumb4You, has announced 5 new tools which they will make available to the public sometimes this year. Among the 5 tools that were recently announced is the revolutionary plumbing tool, the DEWALT Press Tool (DCE200). The Press Tool is basically a piping tool that is capable of pressing pipe fittings from ½ inches to 4 inches in both copper and stainless steel pipes. In addition to this, the Press Tool is said to be capable of completing the full range of presses and is also compatible with a wide variety of crimping heads and attachments that are useful for different applications.

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