New Airports Received Approval In Thailand

Thailand has recently faced a lot of issues including the closure of the famous Maya Bay because of the result of over tourism. During the same time, the board of directors of the Airports of Thailand decided to approve the proposed airports. There will be two new facilities to be constructed – first is in Phuket while the other one in Chiang Mai. The measure is necessary because of the increasing number of arrivals. Many travellers are hoping to visit Chiang Mai best restaurant while others wish to experience the beaches in Phuket.

These are two of the hotspots for tourists in Thailand but each of them only has a single operating airport. The new airports are expected to meet the rise in tourist arrivals. NitinaiSirismatthakarn, president of AOT, said that the two new airport will cost them about 60 billion baht while the construction will begin next year.

Chiang Mai’s second airport will be constructed in Ban Thi district located in Lamphun. Phuket’s site, on the one hand, will be at Ban KhokKruaddistrict which is found in Pang Nga. These two new airports are expected to be finished by 2025 at the very minimum. When these are operational, they will be able to handle 10 million more arrivals.

With regards to the closure of the Maya Bay, the area became a victim because of too much popularity after it was featured in a Leonardo DiCaprio 2000 movie called The Beach. It is located in Koh Phi PhiLeh and ever since the movie it has received a lot of attention in the past two decades. There are instances where 5,000 people are coming at once on a single day using boats from Krabi or Phuket especially during peak season.

In the end, coral reefs were affected because of the number of activities such as power boating, swimming and snorkelling. Studies have shown the 72 per cent of the coral reefs of Thailand are now in grave danger because of deterioration in the past decade. As Maya Bay closes, perhaps tourists can find other places to visit and experiences such as Chiang Mai best restaurant in order to taste the excellent local delicacies.

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