Nest To Launch New Security Updates For Its Smart Home Security System

With people embracing home security and technology now more than ever, innovations that combine both are becoming more and more commonplace. Now, home alarm systems are being paired with innovations like smart phone apps, and light controls, all to ensure that homeowners everywhere feel secure in their abodes. In accordance to that, Alphabet Inc. is working on creating an end-to-end solution for home security utilizing alarm sensors. Also, on creating an advanced camera system with integrated facial recognition capability, capable of not only identifying people in its line of sight, but also allowing authorized individuals access to a home through smart lock authorization on their smart phones, all whilst allowing the homeowner to conveniently monitor their front door.

The end-to-end solution will integrate Alphabet’s Nest model thermostat, which they are hoping to use to bring into connected home industries.

The home alarm systems security solution is currently still undergoing the prototyping stage, but the Nest has made a statement saying that they have plans to begin shipping this new innovation sometime later this year.

In accordance to the pursuit of security, sometime early March, Nest implemented their two-step authentication for their smart thermostat, which was included in an update, which will now require a verification code sent via text after successful of their e-mail and password as per standard procedure.

On top of all of that, Nest are also said to be working on more security products for their customers, with some information going around saying that a second-generation model of the firm’s indoor smart camera, which has yet to hit the market this fall, is already in the works. The yet-to-be released product, the Nest Cam Indoor, provides its users with an up to date live stream of their own home, conveniently accessible via smart phone app.

Additional plans from the company include a digital doorbell system, and home alarm systems with its own central hub, alarm sensors for the doors and windows, and a FOB for system control.

These numerous innovations are coming at a time when cyber attacks are being reported repeatedly. Nest had an incident last year regarding their thermostats.

Nest Co-Founder, Matt Rogers, reassured their customers it was only a software bug that didn’t flare up until 2 weeks after the release of software v 5.1.3.

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