The Need For Small Businesses To Create Online Options

A small business‘ lack of online presence is one of the major reasons that it is failing, according to the Small Business Administration.

The importance of an online presence for small businesses

Still, only forty-one percent of these small businesses own a website. In addition, most of the consumers, which is at 83%, mentioned that using social media and owning a website is an important factor for their consideration and also choice in terms of a small business.

While 2016 is almost over, it is crucial for small businesses to learn from their mistakes and to find new ways in order to have their business’ online presence in great shape for the upcoming year. The small businesses constitute fifty-five percent of the jobs in the United States. There are a number of challenges in running and managing a business, such as economic uncertainties, issues regarding consumer spending and hikes on interest rates. Additionally, a number of small business owners do not have the time and the patience to create and maintain a presence online. However, there are resources, tools and products that can help. With more barriers getting conquered, the economy can improve more as a whole.

Tips for small businesses to consider

Carol Roth, a small business expert, shares some tips for these small businesses.

  • Small businesses need to get online, when still not. When they are online, they should make their business website work for them. An example is making sure that the business and the website are optimized for mobile.
  • Small businesses should look into tips and tricks for marketing their business online especially during the holidays.
  • Whatever the small business is about, it needs to have a strong flow of leads in order to succeed. A website and the online presence needs to be reanalyzed to ensure that it is on the right path.
  • Small businesses should remember that having the online presence is not sufficient enough – they should be found. There are online marketing firms or partners that offer resources and tools in order to help any small business grow and also succeed in the next year.

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