In Memory Of Grant Brown A Scholarship Program Was Formed

Last Saturday morning, the Wallace State Community College was able to witness a group of people with about 30 runners who come together for the annual Grant Brown Memorial Scholarship 5K. This is the third year of the program and is being held every year in order to remember Grant Brown. He passed away in 2013, just a short while after attending his graduation at the Hanceville High School. The run is organized in order to gather funds for a scholarship that will grant a graduate of the HHS senior one year worth of tuition money.

Kim Brown is the mother of Grant Brown and she also happens to be the principal of Hanceville Elementary School. For this year’s 5K run, the secretary of Hanceville Elementary school, Savannah Funderburg, is one of the organizers of the event. The scholarship was established by Kim and Jeff Brown during the fall of 2013 because they wanted to honor the memory of their son Grant.

According to Funderburg, Grant Brown is a happy child that is full of life. He has a heart for traveling as well as a fan of the Alabama football. He loves studying history and being with his friends and loved ones. He was also the Bulldog during his time at the Hanceville High School. It was in May of 2013 when Grant was able to graduate from Hanceville. He was planning to tour all over Europe before attending the University of Colorado which is located in the Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, he was not able to fulfill his dreams because one week after his graduation from high school, he was taken away all of a sudden.

Funderburg added that from then on, every spring, a deserving senior who is graduating from Hanceville is the recipient of the one-year scholarship which will pay the full tuition of the student’s first year in the Wallace State. This is all done to honor the memory of Grant.

Kim Brown said that they have other ways to fund the scholarship as the 5K run does not gather much to fund an entire year’s tuition fee. She is thankful for the efforts of all those who continue to help remember his son.

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