Meet Three Of The Biggest Fences In The World Today

Fences and walls have always played a great role in human history. China built a great wall to keep the Mongols out; the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall to protect themselves from the barbarians; and the Berlin Wall was built by East Germany to prevent East Berliners from escaping to the west. While history tells us how fences and walls were used to divide, it can also be said that they are a symbol of stability, safety and strength.

People have always felt safer when they have walls to protect them and up to this day, people still believe in that ideology. In the past years, the number of border fences has increased across the globe. Island nations like Japan and the Philippines probably don’t need to erect barriers since they are enclosed in a large body of water but for countries that are literally next to one another, one can see the need.

Countries build barrier fences for different reasons. Some do it to prevent illegal immigration while others do it to keep themselves from getting involved in another country’s conflict. Fortunately, there is a saying that great fences make great neighbors and with this saying, people can hope that the following countries have a good relationship with their neighbors.

1. Turkmen-Uzbekistan Barrier
The third biggest barrier fence in the world was built by Turkmenistan’s dictator, Saparmurat Niyazov, back in 2001 to remember him by. It has a length that encompasses 1,056 miles.

2. Indo-Bangladeshi Border
With a length of 2,030 miles, the Indo-Bangladeshi Border is the second biggest barrier fence in the world. It was built to prevent illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Coincidentally, it has been reported that before the barrier was built, there were already clashes between the two countries.

3. United State-Mexico Barrier
You probably would have guessed this already. Encompassing 2,087 miles, the US-Mexico barrier is the biggest fence in the world. If you watch a lot of movies, then you would already be familiar with why the barrier was built. Since its erection, the barrier has received great opposition from both sides. As of today, it is still yet to be completed.

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