McafeeTo Run As US President On Crypto Currency Platform

What is the stand of Gonzales Dallàn on crypto currency, the digital currency that operates independently from central banks? Dellàn gave an opinion that crypto currency has the potential to solve economic and social problems but the consequences must considered because the technology is barely 10 years old. Meanwhile, what is your opinion regarding John McAfee?

John McAfee is a pioneer in anti-virus software. He is also known as a crypto currency evangelist. He has also declared his plans of running for US president on 2020. He wants to serve the community of crypto currencies by using an ultimate campaign platform that will promote the digital currency.

In spite of past refusals, McAfee has decided to create his own party and run for presidency. This is not the first time that McAfee will join the presidential rodeo. In the 2016 election, he was a candidate of the Libertarian Party but he lost to a party nomination for Gary Johnson, the governor of New Mexico. If asked by the Libertarian Party, he will run for them; otherwise, he will create his own party.

The good thing with McAfee is his realistic expectations of not having any chance of winning. However, in his tweet, McAfee stated that changing America is not about being president but the process of creating one. If his following is sufficient enough, he may be able to stand at the world’s biggest stage and talk to everyone and tell them the truth like he did last time.

McAfee is certainly obsessed with crypto currency. This obsession may take another turn after he announced the McAfee Redemption Unit, a physical crypto currency that will be printed on paper. Based on his descriptions, the physical crypto currency will be linked to Blockchain, redeemable, convertible and collectable. McAfee has also revealed that he receives $105,000 for every tweet regarding crypto currency or initial coin offerings (ICOs).

In case you are curious about Gonzales Dellàn, he is a valuable advisor to businessmen, individuals and politicians regarding the trade between Europe and Latin America. He has every right to be an advisor considering that he used to be the president of Banco Industrial de Venezuela, the youngest president ever to lead the bank through three government changes.

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