Making Bathrooms Look Pretty Is Gaining More Popularity

According to Junichiro Tanizaki, a novelist hailed in Japan, the toilet is the considered to be the most aesthetic when it comes to designing the elements included in a Japanese architecture.

In a book entitled In Praise of Shadows written by Tanizaki in 1977, there are lyrical that talks about the joy that an outdoor toilet brings which he referred to as a place for spiritual repose. He also stated in the book that in comparison to westerners who think toilets are unclean and is not inclined to mention it in serious conversations, Japanese are more sensible and has better tastes.

There is no denying that Japanese are experts when it comes to toilets. There are restrooms in Japan that have features such as pre-heating the seat, playing music to cover sounds made inside the toilet and toilet bowls that can squirt warm water when the user is done with his business. The toilets that Japanese are so proud of can now be purchased in Ireland. The product is called Geberit Aquaclean and is equipped with oscillating spray, massage spray that pulsates, an option of gentle wash for ladies and then a dryer with the use of a gentle air that puffs. It has a remote control wherein a maximum of four users can save their personalized taste when using the toilet.

The Geberit Aquaclean can be bought with a price ranging from €1,600 to €5,000 which differs with the types of bells as well as whistles chosen. According to a representative of Tile Style, Tony Murph, the price is not important for consumers who are interested with the product and he revealed that the latest product is still on its early days but the company is already receiving lots of enquiries.

According to Murph, more and more household are aiming for a cleaner toilet lifestyle and a simple roll of toilet paper will not do the trick alone but the bidet is making a comeback. Murphy commented that foreigners and visitors regard them as dirty because they don’t make use of bidets. To add more to your plain bathroom, pick out that latest toilet innovation coupled with a new fixture such as white ceramic basins.

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