Lockyer Valley Trying Out New Pest Control System

A new pest control system is currently being tested in Lockyer Valley that claims to be able to uncover species that are considered pests. The system will then release flashing lights as well as noises in order to startle the pests away from the precious crops. The new pest control system is different from the pest control in Brisbane employed in residential properties.

Scientists from CSIRO have already conducted trials with the technology known as Vertebrate Pest Detect and Deter. Testing was done in Africa where the system has been found effective when used in startling the elephants to prevent them from going near plantations. The trials have been done on over 50 different occasions. Now they are bringing the testing of the technology in Queensland.

The system uses passive infrared sensors in order to find species that are considered pests as soon as they get near the farms or precious crops of the farmers. The system then causes alarm to go off by sending out LED lights together with sounds that have been recorded in an audio bank. The alarm is made to scare the pests away including wild dogs, rabbits, feral pigs, ducks and cockatoos.

Phil Valencia, the senior research engineer of CSIRO, said that they have already created models equipped with cameras as well as radio interference to improve the detection of different kinds of species.

He said that they are able to determine the different kinds of animals through the use of radio communication and the PIR. The system can only identify animals based on their size.

Mr. Valencia added that they are already predicting that some animals will get used to some sounds and lights after a while thus they have programmed the system in a way that can interpret the reactions of the animals and alarm depending on the species.

In case an animal does not react from a certain sound or light, the system will respond by using a different logic. This new technology encourages pest control in Brisbane to invest in new technology in order to improve their services.

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