Latest Trends In Video Marketing

The rising popularity of social media and mobile internet has led to growing demand for video marketing. Marketers are compelled to use the latest trends in video marketing to make their brand stand out from the competition and engage the viewers.

According to Brisbane video production firms, well created videos help brands to improve viewers’ engagement and the brand recall value. They help companies to attract viewers to the website and turn them into loyal customers.

If you are planning to create video marketing strategy for your brand, here are the top three video marketing trends at present suggested by the top Brisbane video production houses, which are going to rule the market.

  • Companies are investing a lot of budget in Brisbane video production to create flashy, attention grabbing ‘stories’ for a host of social media platforms. The ease of creating brand ‘stories’ led to a lot of clutter on the social media apps and led to severe competition for the attention of the viewers. The latest trend is to create compelling ‘stories’ for brands that not only grab the attention of the viewers but also create a strong emotional connect and stay with the viewer for more than few seconds.
  • Live streaming is gaining popularity over pre-recorded videos. Live streaming improves the audience engagement and increases the time span of the viewing. According to study by Social Media Today, users prefer to watch live videos for longer durations than the pre-recorded videos. The excitement of engaging with a celebrity or a brand in real-time encourages the viewers to participate in live sessions. With this raising popularity, social media will improve their set-ups to support high quality live videos. Brands are also expected to use a majority of their video promotion budgets on creating live video sessions that engage with the clients in real-time.
  • Explainer videos that guide the audience on how to do or make something, will continue to go viral. According to Brisbane video production houses, the short videos are easy to share and quick to view. The popularity of explainer videos will encourage brand marketers to create short videos about tackling different problems in real life. As these videos can be created to address any problem or task, the possibilities are endless.
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