La Gomera – Untouched by the Chaos of Civilization

It is not surprising why director Ron Howard handpicked La Gomera as the major shooting location for his film In the Heart of the Sea. The adventure-drama film tells the story about the sinking of whaling ship Essex in 1820. There is literally no chance for a Coca-cola billboard to hover into view as the ship goes down in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors to La Gomera have to travel by ferry boat because the island’s runway is too short for international flights. This is likely the reason why La Gomera is not visited by hordes of tourists even with its enchanting views. La Gomera is more than half an hour away from London or 50 minutes by ferry boat from southern Tenerife. In spite of its proximity to civilization, you will feel like you are a few light years away from the hustle and bustle associated to the Canary Islands.

When you are in La Gomera, nature is your company and you get to enjoy unlimited sea and sky. It feels like you are in a different century because you will never encounter a traffic light as you drive through the sleepy mountain villages. There are instances when the landscape feels almost biblical because of its stillness. The rural life feels like it is from another era because where else in the world can you find a municipal washing place as the gathering point for women who want to gossip?

However, La Gomera has a special story to tell. It was the last port of call by Christopher Columbus in 1492 before he sailed to the Americas. When you stroll at Calle Real, the oldest part of town, you will see many of those Columbus moments including the church where he supposedly made the last confession prior to his voyage.

If you want to enjoy a different kind of adventure without any terrorist threats, your best option is Holiday on La Gomera. As the ferry approaches the island, go to the viewing deck for an amazing glimpse of the island that looks like it has risen from the ocean.

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