Jackson Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center Relocates


Late in May, one of Mississippi’s local drug and alcohol rehab centers relocated to a new site in the city, reportedly to allow for greater access to addiction treatment services, as well as to cut down on the stigma currently associated with substance use disorders.

The Pathway Healthcare, with its Best Outpatient Rehab operations, officially moved to the Baptist Medical Center on the 29th of May, Tuesday. Several key political figures were present at the opening ceremony, with Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant and former Senator Rick Santorum witnessing the ribbon-cutting that marked the official relocation of the facility.

Pathway’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brent Boyett, says that the move is an important move because it will reduce the stigma present in the local community, an outlook that keeps a lot of people suffering from substance use disorders from heading for their nearest Best Outpatient Rehab facility and seeking professional help.

Pathway Healthcare CEO Scott Olson expressed his support of Boyett’s statement, saying that the relocation of the facility to a hospital setting will also help with getting addiction treatment into the mainstream healthcare field, which will be good for the people suffering from addiction, as it’ll make them more comfortable with seeking help.

A report from the Mississippi State Department of Health released on April, revealed that the state of Mississippi, not only the city of Jackson, was in need of easier access to addiction treatment and assistance. The state’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) says that there’s about 121,000 people in the state that who are in need of addiction treatment services. The problem is that the state only has about 665 beds across 39 inpatient and outpatient facilities with certification from the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. SAMHSA says that Mississippians are in need of more beds for substance abuse treatment as, currently, they are forced to wait months before being assigned an open bed.

Representatives from Pathway Healthcare says that they have taken note of this report, and that they will be working  to increase the availability of addiction treatment services, not only for Mississippi, but for the whole of America.

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