Is Relocating Really A Good Idea?

Whether it’s good or not, there are many people who choose to relocate just the same. In Australia for example, removals in Sydney get calls from people wanting to relocate, where citizens in here are said to change location at an average of 13 times over the course of their lives. The data comes from a study conducted by the Origin Energy. In comparison, findings from a 2016 Roy Morgan research revealed that 40.7% of Australians above 14 years have lived in the same house for 10 or more years. The same study also shows that there are also those who chose to live a mobile lifestyle and lived in their address for less than two years.

What could be the reason that people move places, giving removals in Sydney a reason to continue doing business? Is it because the grass is greener in the new place?

According to the founder of the Mental Health Recovery Institute in Australia, Pedro Diaz, people have their own reasons for moving, ranging from boredom to escaping abuse. He says that relocating is all a part of wanting to experience a better life.

ABS data on the other hand says that some of the reasons why people choose to live in another location are finding a better housing, study, employment, and family conflicts like divorce. The mobile lifestyle on the other hand is commonly observed by younger age group, young families, those who rent, and the rich.

For Soren Reichelt, a 31-year-old IT strategist, he likes the idea of adventure and vigor that the mobile lifestyle offers. He began embracing this lifestyle since he was 17 years old. Reichelt has already lived in 15 different houses, where he claims that he changes residence on the average of one year. The longest stay he had was two years at a house in Kew, Victoria. While he says that the thought of moving is horrible, he nevertheless finds living in a new environment very attractive.

An Origin Energy study says that relocating will require time and resources. It is said that this will take 16 working days. When multiplied by 13 which is the average number that an Australian moves, this is equivalent to half a year.

On another note, a research conducted by the Cardiff University and University of Hampshire showed that moving can promote positive change, help boost memory, and break ingrained habits.

Is it a good idea to move or not and how many are desirable? Diaz says that it’s actually just a matter of preference.

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