Industrial Boilers Must Meet Requirements By M CPD

With the development of the MCPD or Medium Combustion Plant Directive into a European law, it is important that operators should improve their current boiler plant. They must check for industrial boiler corrosion and do something about it. Calor’s industrial and commercial specialist, Kevin Houlden, has advises to give.

Before the year ended, December 19 to be exact, the MCPD was transformed into one of the laws in Europe. Based on the MCPD, there is required ELVs or emissions limit values in order to lessen the amount of nitrogen oxides, particulates and sulphur dioxide released by the exhaust gases. The rating is 1 MW and for thermal input the limit is 50 MW which is applicable to all kinds of combustion plant.

If new plants started their operation a day after the new law was implemented, they are required to register at the Competent Authority and make sure they follow the new ELVs that were set for December 19.

There are a total of 43 Air Quality Zones all over the United Kingdom. The problem is that only five of them follow the level required for the amount of NOx. According to forecast, slow progress is to be expected in the coming two decades. The MCPD rules give the Competent Authority the capacity to alter the limits due to the low level of air quality depending on their prerogative. Therefore, the final regulation in the United Kingdom is not set on stone especially to areas that is not following the level of air quality which is a requirement.

For example, boilers with heavy fuel oil will not be able to meet the demand of the ELVs due to the fuel source. At the end of the day, operators must consider the type of upgrade they will perform or if they are going to switch their boiler plant just to meet the requirement set by MCPD. Eventually, there are long-term consequences that must be considered in the event that the ELVs are lowered than it already is. Aside from the industrial boiler corrosion which they have to provide solution to, this is another thing operators have to worry about from now on.

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