Improved Shower Screen Hinges: Among The Products Presented At Glasstec 2016

Hinges, for starters, allow two solid objects to move on limited angle. Basically, they are usually found on doors of homes and buildings of any given size. They are essential to any given structure. Why? How are you going to open or close a door that has no functioning hinges in it? In simpler terms, hinges allow us humans to open or close a door without having to forcefully push it or pull it. There are various kinds of hinges that have different capabilities and purposes. Among these kinds are the pivot hinge, the barrel hinge and, the case hinge which is usually found in briefcases. Of course, shower doors also need hinges. Fortunately, there are shower screen hinges that are readily available to be installed in bathrooms so that opening and closing shower screen will be at ease especially for aging people who already have difficulty in moving around.


Just last year, the Colcom Group had introduced three of their newest products during the Glasstec 2016. The three products are the following:

  • Bilobina Centrale- This is basically one of the revolutionary shower screen hinges of the company. What’s new in this specific product is that it actually allows the where the hinges are placed to be opened and closed both inwards and outwards. In addition to this, it has a hydraulic mechanism and it has a characteristic and automatic closing mode. This hinge is said to be capable of holding even the heavier kind of doors and thicker layers of walls.
  • Biloba EVO Frame- This is also a hinge which comes along with an adjustable closing and constant braking control for all doors that are opening up to 180 degrees. It prevents the door to unhinge and it even has an over-pressure device which avoids breaking down the door in case of serious shoving scenarios.
  • Magnetica- This is basically a magnetic lock, a vertical lock that works with a magnetic latch. This locking mechanism work perfectly for jamb doors and swinging doors. This lock is silent and multipurpose which makes it ideal to be installed in offices and homes.
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