Huge Number Of People Travelling Out Of Bangkok

While tourists are arriving in Bangkok to stay at a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, a large number of workers are exiting Bangkok because of the upcoming Songkran which is the traditional new year celebrated in Thailand. Majority of these people are going back home to their families outside of Bangkok for a much awaited reunion. In line with this, the state agencies launched a campaign to make sure that the travellers will make it to their hometown safe.

On top of the list of campaigns is the No Drink Driving reminder to make sure that those who are driving will not consume alcohol before or during the drive. The campaign against drunk-driving started two days before the start of the festival holiday. The holiday will lasts for five days from April 12. The campaign was organized in partnership with Transport Company under the state and Don’t Drive Drunk foundation.

Arkom Termpitayapaisith, the minister of transport, said that the aim of the campaign is to increase the awareness of the travellers regarding road safety to decrease the number of accidents due to drunk-driving. If caught, the drivers will be charged a case of drunk-driving and may face prison time of up to a year. On top of that, they have to pay a fine worth 20,000 baht. If the offending driver is working for a public transport, dismissal will be imposed right away.

In the Mo Chit 2 bus terminal, a herd of passengers came a day before the holiday and it will continue to be packed until Friday which is April 13.

Despite the increase in number of passengers, the Transport Company promised that everyone will be able to go home for the Songkran as they have provided enough buses to shuttle all the passengers within the week. Aside from the additional buses, extra services are also opened to cater more passengers.

Tourists who are coming to Bangkok to witness Songkran can stay in a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit to be in the heart of the festivities. There is additional number of flights from the original 850 it is not 880 per day.

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