How To Mitigate Noise Pollution In A City

Progress has become so noisy that many homeowners are asking “can you soundproof a window”. Noise frequently reaches uncomfortable levels so that homeowners want to soundproof their windows, doors, walls and floors in an effort to minimize the sounds that enter the indoor environment. There are many techniques nowadays to soundproof a home and avoid the serious effects of noise pollution.

Because of Singapore’s economic development, the city is experiencing uncomfortable levels of noise pollution from the roads and expressways, trains, constructions sites and shopping malls. In a new study, it was revealed the average noise level outdoors throughout the day is 69.4 decibels. This exceeds the official recommendation of not more than 67 decibels average over an hour. The figure also falls short of the WHO’s threshold of 70 decibels a day. Sustained exposure to high noise levels can hurt hearing.

Excessive noise can be harmful. It can interfere with sleep, impair performance and provoke a sense of annoyance. Lack of sleep can result into a change in behavior that can affect school, work, home and social activities. The World Health Organization notes that 1 in 5 Europeans is exposed regularly to noise cause by traffic at night which significantly affects health.

People who are living near airports are the most vulnerable to excessive noise. A study reveals that high levels of aircraft noise increases the risks of hotel admission and death due to stroke and cardiovascular disease in the areas near London’s Heathrow Airport. Noise pollution must be treated as an environmental hazard that a person has little or no control off.

Noise barriers must be placed at locations around train tracks and expressway viaducts to mitigate the noise that affects humans. A certain type of material must be used on roads to reduce the noise generated by the friction between surfaces and vehicle tires.

Homeowners residing near airports often ask “can you soundproof a window” because their indoor environment is severely affected by the noise created by jet engines. Young children are significantly vulnerable to loud sounds because it interrupts sleep. When the windows are soundproofed, loud noises can be mitigated and more desirable indoor environment is created.

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