How To Make An Eco-Friendly Move

Martin Hamery, together with his partner, decided to move from their old place to a new one during the moving day of 2017. They are fully aware that once moving day is over, the wastes of the moving day will be the next issue they have to face. There are many packing boxes for sale which are used for moving and these turn into waste once the move is done.

Hamery moved to a new studio apartment located in Montreal which is only a few blocks from their old place. Between the couple, they have already moved various times and they were able to pack using hundreds of cardboard boxes. For their move last year, the couple decided to not use cardboard boxes when packing but instead they chose to use plastic boxes that can be reused after.

Hamery admitted that not only the plastic boxes are better for the environment. These are also more convenient to use.

Using a sustainable container is something they prioritize but they also wanted to make sure that convenience is not compromised. Not everyone has enough time to get cardboard boxes and to tape each of them when packing.

GoBAC, a company that offers moving equipment that can be rented and are reusable, was started by Shai Schwarts when he found that the trend was booming back in 2010. This is also the same time that he decided to start his own business.

Schwarts has been the operating a moving company for ten years before he realized that moving containers that are not producing wastes are necessary for the industry. According to him, the solution was the answer to people’s stress during the move.

He detailed the process which involves his company delivering the plastic boxes to the customer’s house for them to start packing, when they have moved and done unpacking, the company will also be responsible in getting the plastic boxes. For homeowners that chose to buy packing boxes for sale, they will need to think about the recycling after. For their company, the result is a zero waste move which is environment friendly.

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