How To Defend The Property Against Wild Fires

It is easier for firefighters to protect your home during a wild fire if your gutters are cleared of dried leaves and pine needles. Your first line of defense during a wild fire is a clean yard. All dead and dying vegetation must be removed 30 feet immediately around the home with grass mowed short and tree branches pruned away from the roof and chimney. If you are storing firewood make sure that it is moved 30 feet away from the home with horizontal separation from trees and bushes.

Ground fires can be prevented from climbing the trees if grass and weeds are mowed to a maximum of 4 inches high with horizontal and vertical spacing between trees and shrubs. It is important for homeowners to defend their space and protect their homes by ensuring its fire resistance.

The roof is the most vulnerable part of your home during a wild fire. Homes with wood and shingle roofs are high risk which requires re-roofing with materials such as composition, metal or tile. Flying embers can easily ignite debris in the gutters even if the wildfire is miles away from your home. Gutter maintenance will ensure that your gutters are resistant to flying embers.

Vents are openings that are also vulnerable to flying embers. Vent openings can be covered with 1/8-inch or ΒΌ-inch metal mesh, not plastic or fiberglass mesh that can easily melt and burn. If you think metal mesh is not enough to block embers, vents in eaves and cornices can be protected by baffles.

Since the exterior living space is highly vulnerable to embers, make sure that decks and patio are made from fire-resistant and non-combustible materials. All combustible items must also be removed from the deck and patio whenever there is news of wild fire. Make sure to prepare water hoses long enough to reach all areas of the home.

It is better to leave gutter cleaning to professionals than risk your life climbing ladders to the roof. A team from gutter replacement in Perth WA is capable of undertaking cleaning and inspections to determine whether the gutter requires repairs. In the event that the gutter is beyond repair, replacement will be suggested.

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