How Do Funeral Directors Face The Sadness In Their Profession?

Being a funeral director is a difficult job because of the need to face sadness every time there is death. Doctors, paramedics, fire-fighters and the police also face death in their jobs but it is different because there are many instances when their quick response saves a life and turns a situation into a happy ending.

Come to think of it, how do funeral directors explain the different types of funeral services to a grieving family that lost a child or a husband to violence? Even if the loved one simply slipped away peacefully after a long bout of sickness, acceptance is still difficult for a family. Compassion is certainly an important part of a funeral director’s job but so with composure. How do the funeral directors facilitate the intersections of life and death several times in a day?

In an interview with, Bruce Humphrey of Humphrey Funeral Home said that they do not have to say anything except, sorry. They do not shake the hands of the bereaved family or make the effort to hug them. The presence of a funeral director is often enough because it shows that there is someone who will support them during the times of grief. Humphrey further said that it is wrong to say that he knows what the family is feeling because he does not have a real idea on what the family is feeling at the moment.

According to David Garvie of Ogden Funeral Homes, it is important to be calm in the face of an emotionally-charged situation. When confronted with death, a family experiences a traumatic situation so that the funeral director must strive to be the pillar of stability and compassion. When emotions are too high, Humphrey says it is better to give them space and be patient.

Facing death can be extremely stressful but you can gain support and compassion from the funeral directors in Perth. Making a decision on the funeral services can be tough but planning can be facilitated by the funeral director. He will discuss the more affordable option and whether you prefer cremation or the traditional burial at your chosen location.

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