Home Improvements That Can Add Value To A Home

One of the most worthwhile investments is an additional bathroom through Perth’s best bathroom renovation. Adding a new bathroom can increase functionality and comfort and can add a higher resale value when it is time for the home to be sold. Everyone has the right to a fabulous bathroom because it can inspire relaxation and de-stressing after a long hard day. However, it is important to hire professional bathroom renovation companies that understand your expectations and take pride in their work.

Home renovations that add beauty and generate high returns

1. Add another bathroom. Multiple bathrooms can be a selling point particularly in older homes that have been equipped with only one bathroom. One of the typical problems encountered when adding a new bathroom is finding extra space. A homeowner can consider the closets, areas under the stairs or taking away space from other rooms. According to popular home improvement channel HGTV, half-bathrooms will require about 18 square feet of space while a full bath will need from 30 to 35 square feet with a standup shower and a bathtub.

2. Invest in the kitchen. Kitchen remodels are sure bet when it comes to putting money into home improvement. Families tend to spend more time in kitchens and a poorly functioning kitchen can distract from the value of the home even if the rest of the house is in particularly good shape. About 60% to 120% can be recouped from a kitchen improvement especially if given enough attention to match the kitchen with the rest of the home.

3. Repaint the home. Paint is one of the least expensive materials for home improvement but it can create a significant impact. Low-VOC paint is now the trend for an eco-friendly home.

4. Renovate the HVAC. Aesthetics is not enough because many home buyers prefer new heating and cooling systems. These are investments that can last for a good number of years. Home buyers are also attracted by an energy efficient home that has good attic insulation and new windows and doors.
There are many other home improvements that can do wonders for a home’s resale value and a homeowner must determine what improvement will provide a solid return on investment.

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