History Of Hellfire Pass: Thailand’s Best Museum

TripAdvisor recently awarded Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum the top ranking as Thailand’s best museum while it is included in the top five of all museums that are located within Asia. the travel website recommends the tour museum in Kanchanaburi to all tourists because it is not only a haunting site but it represents all the torture, slavery, starvation and most especially the death of thousands of civilians as well as prisoners of war during WWII.

Hellfire Pass is known to be the Death Railway which was constructed under the Japanese forces who wanted to invade Burma. The museum is now the best place for people to learn about its history, the memories that haunt the survivors and those who remember as well as the misery of those who can never forget.

It is located 75 miles from the western part of Bangkok and close to the Thailand-Myanmar border. Hellfire Pass is located in a town called Kanchanaburi where every year ceremonies are taking place between November 28 and December 7. These are commemorations to remember the bombing that happened in the area on the 28th of November 1944.

There are many events held in the area including cultural performances as well as sound and light show that depicts Death Railway’s history. The site is the burial ground of over 16,000 prisoners of war including Americans, Australians, British and Dutch. There are also over 90,000 Asian civilians forced into working who perished because of diseases and lack of food.

It all started in an agreement signed by the prime minister of Thailand in August of 1942, Field Marshal PhibunSongkhram. The agreement is that Japan is given permission to construct a railway going to Burma, known now as Myanmar, which was used to be a British colony.

The constructed railway reached 415 kilometres but aerial bombing by the Allied destroyed most of it including the Hellfire Pass. It was in 1980s when survivors from Australia decided to petition the site to be a memorial. It is now a part of the tour museum in Kanchanaburi but there are tourists who prefer to visit the site as backpackers.

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