Here’s How You Can Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters Uglier

‘tis the season to be jolly. For a lot of people, Christmas is considered as the happiest time of the year. Almost every household is filled with lights, songs, food, laughter, and cheers. It is a season of generations upon generations of traditions.

Christmas has also become a time where you would see lots of people wearing ridiculous outfits like those ugly Christmas sweaters. These hilariously ugly sweaters had become such a trend in the past decade that now it would seem like a hard tradition to break. Nobody knows exactly who started the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend. Some say it was Bill Cosby, while others believe that these sweaters had sprung many centuries ago. Nevertheless, wherever these sweaters go, they are sure to spark laughter and joy in the people who see them. And the uglier they are the better. So if you want to make your ugly Christmas sweaters even uglier, here’s what you can do.

  1. Organize an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Yes, this is a thing now. There’s nothing that could more ridiculous than seeing dozens of people fighting it out for the ugliest spot. When you organize or join one of these parties, you would ultimately be trying your best to find or create the ugliest Christmas sweater you can think of.
  2. Add Christmas Lights. You can exaggerate for as much as you want. With ugly Christmas sweaters, there’s no limit to how ugly you can get. If you want to ‘get lit’ why not try adding Christmas lights to your sweater? Just make sure they’re battery operated.
  3. Add Christmas Ornaments. Nothing could make your sweater more Christmas-y than adding ornaments to your sweater.
  4. Wear Christmas Themed Earrings. Of course you would need jewelry to complete the ensemble so why not try wearing a Christmas themed jewelry like earrings?
  5. Add Garlands. Your Christmas tree isn’t the only thing that can get accessorized with a garland. You can add fringe to the sweater, or turn it into a bracelet or a necklace for you to wear.
  6. Wear an Ugly Hat. Normally, people wear Santa hats but where’s the fun in that, right? Try making your very own hat. Just remember, the uglier the better.
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