Here’s How You Can Use Your HVAC To Minimize Spring Allergies

KY – March 31, 2016 – Spring is the season of rebirth. It is the time when life returns to the trees, flowers and all manner of vegetation. Spring symbolizes youth, growth, love and hope. It is the season for new beginnings. But for a good number of people, spring is also the time for allergies. It is actually quite sad that some people don’t get to enjoy the bloom that happens during spring. Most of those people who suffer from allergies would rather lock themselves up at home and avoid stepping outside. What’s even more unfortunate is that spring allergies are very common and during spring, the best way to minimize it is to avoid the outdoors. But what happens when the catalyst for allergies, the pollen, enters the house?

The problem is that when your HVAC system gets leaky or if it has cracks and tears, dust and other reactants would be able to enter it and then be distributed inside the house. HVAC maintenance is the key to avoiding all that and spring is definitely the best time for HVAC maintenance. Here’s how you can use your HVAC system to minimize spring allergies.

Maintenance is important and as much as possible you should at least conduct a professional maintenance on your HVAC system twice or thrice a year. You just have to find a skilled technician in Louisville to conduct the maintenance. Aside from an annual professional checkup, you should also inspect your HVAC system on your own at least once a month. Look at your air filter and replace the old and dirty ones with a new one. Dirty filters are one of the leading causes for dust buildup in the HVAC system. Inspect your ducts and your vents for signs of mold. If you find signs or even just the smell of mold, make sure to schedule an effective duct cleaning.

Lastly, you should maintain not only your indoor unit but the area surrounding it as well. By keeping your surroundings clean you’d be able to prevent reactants like dust or pollen from entering the system. Maintenance can also help you keep your HVAC system in good condition, increase its efficiency as well as save on electric costs.

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