A Health Mecca To Escape The Outside World

Lakes by Yoo in Cotswolds is just 90 minutes away from London. The enclave of private rental houses has provided celebrities with the chance to escape the outside world. Now, alongside with Orchard Spa the Cotswolds has become a bone fide health mecca. The recently renovated Orchard Spa has two treatment rooms, a gym, a large indoor pool, sauna, steam room, chill out area with a pool table and a steaming outdoor tub constructed from wood.

Lakes by Yoo is composed of 90 Philippe Starck-designed lodges that are located along beautiful manmade lakes. Of the lodges, 11 are available as holiday retreats for detox and rejuvenation. In order to enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake, the lodges are designed with vast open-plan spaces and plenty of glass. Aside from designer furniture, there are wraparound wooden decks fringed with rustling reeds.

The goal of the retreat is to reboot the system through plant-based meals, personalized training sessions, mindfulness sessions and posture improvement. Since the purpose of the retreat is not digital detox, phones are allowed but discouraged. Meals are prepared by vegan specialists and conjured by an in-house chef. Every absolutely to-die-for and well earned meal is part of the retreat.

Fitness classes are optional but it is suggested to sign up with Matt Gleed’s personal training sessions that take place in Lake Yoo’s outdoor basketball court. Exercises are not too taxing because Matt uses TRX equipment and will guide you through Matrix-style moves where you use your own body weight. Exercises when held outdoors tone the body and give you that perfect tan that will be the envy of your friends back home. To round things off, physio/osteo sessions are also offered through experts from Bosworth clinic to ensure a perfectly aligned spine.

If you prefer a holiday that will leave you rejuvenated, your best option is detox Thailand where you can focus on body transformation in a perfect setting. Aside from exercise and healthy meals, all support and motivation will be provided to help you start a new lifestyle. The fitness programs are unique with weight loss management and diet plans highly personalized.


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