Growth Of Tourism From Cruise Ships

The tourism minister of Jamaica, Edmund Bartlett, is positive that the cruise shipping industry of the country has a big potential for growth following the footsteps of Thailand where successful cruising companies such as Five Star Sea Cruises are bringing more tourists to the island of Phuket.

Bartlett said that because of the growth in the industry, the agency has already seen a significant increase in the contribution of the sector when it comes to earnings as well as number of visiting tourists. The most significant change has been observed during the winter tourist season of 2016 and 2017 – from January until the month of Apri.

According to data published by the Jamaica Tourist Board, on that period there are 1,579,273 tourists who visited the nation and half of them are brought by cruise ships. With that number of tourists, the economy was able to earn $1 billion. Bartlett shared that they have never seen such numbers coming from cruise seasons before which led them to believe that they are already turning for the better when it comes to the cruise ship industry.

He is currently busy with a number of tourist engagements and the latest ones involve the continents of Africa and Asia.

The figures that have accounted for the specific period was something beyond their imagination but he was not the least bit surprised because the local government has taken measures in improving the cruise shipping in the country for the last four months.

He also noted that they are able to host the six of the world’s largest cruise ship which includes the fleet of Royal Caribbean Oasis which is led by their flagship Harmony of the Seas –the biggest cruise ship in the world.

The Royal Caribbean is currently busy with their ongoing project which is another ship that copies the model of the Oasis and they have already decided that Jamaica will be part of their itinerary. The new vessel is expected to be launched before 2018 ends and will be the new title holder as the biggest cruise ship in the world.

Opportunities have now opened up for Jamaica and they are hoping that the country will gain as much buzz as Thailand as a tourist destination, thanks to the help of companies such as Five Star Sea Cruises in bringing tourists to the country.

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