Greenwich Locals Publish Local Business Illustrated Map

Greenwich’s longtime local residents and business owners pooled together to publish a line of Illustrated Maps detailing the location of the town’s local businesses and celebrating the local scenery, people and commerce.

The idea was spearheaded by three longtime resident business-owners, Jessica Reid & Craig Jones of Greenwich Point Marketing, and Liz Norfleet of Norfleet Consulting Group. According to Norfleet, a Greenwich resident for over 25 years, her time working different jobs across the town, according to her, gave her a passion for the local businesses. One of the many local business owners then suggested that the town needed a map.

The design idea for the endeavor came from another local business owner, Jessica Reid, who got the idea from a local board game, plus a few Illustrated Maps from Cape Cod, which she visited for her cousin’s wedding.

Jessica Reid was one of the co-founders of Greenwich Point Marketing, alongside Craig Jones, worked with Norfleet to talk to the local businesses in order to get their cooperation for the map. According to them, some business owners were very cooperative, whilst some needed more coercion in order to participate.

The trio said that it was also problematic to find an artist that could handle Illustrated Maps, due to the  highly specialized nature of such a project due to numerous layers and updates. The artist for the Greenwich illustrated map is Jim Roldan of New Hampshire. The project itself took six whole months of work to finish.

According to Norfleet, another issue was that Greenwich didn’t really have a reputation as a tourist destination, unlike other places with Illustrated Maps, however, she said that the town did have some tourist-drawing events, and that, due to its location, Greenwich was a common stop for people heading for New England.

Additionally, the project was headed with the intention of advertising only local-businesses, turning down the national chains present throughout Greenwich.

According to the trio, 10% of the proceeds from the Illustrated Maps’ sales will go to several organizations operating in Greenwich. These organizations are as follows:

  • Abilis;
  • GEMS;
  • Greenwich Boy Scouts;
  • Greenwich Point Conservancy;
  • Junior League of Greenwich;
  • Kids in Crisis, and;
  • Neighbor to Neighbor.

The first batch of the maps, numbered at 20,000, was released on Greenwich Memorial Day.

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