Goa Will Be Hosting Photography Festival

There will be a seminar in wedding photography as well as workshop festival happening this October 4 to 7 in India. The festival is entitled Silk Inspire 2016 and this will give enthusiast an insight into what wedding photography is all about.

Silk Inspire will be accepting amateur wedding photographers alongside with professionals in the field. All of them will be able to learn together, interact with one another and create a network. During the festival, eight of the best wedding photographers that are known all over the world will come together and will serve as the photography instructors for the said event.

The organizer of the festival is none other than Silk photos, a boutique showcasing a photo-agency that is known to be a representative of the selected group of wedding photographers either in the field of stills or motion. They are specialists when it comes to Indian weddings and they are also catering destination wedding photography.

According to a statement made by the owner of Silk Photos, Sephi Bergerson, these types of events are known to be popular in places such as United States and Europe. He is proud that there are initiatives in making change in India with regards the industry of wedding photography. He is also excited that after being in the industry for 30 years, he will be able to try something new as well as inspire others at the same time.

During the first two days of the festival, the participants will have sessions with each of the instructor. They will discuss topics such as overall style and the tips and techniques that they could use in starting their journey in the field of photography.

During the third and fourth day of the event, they will focus on giving master classes for the photographers and they will also get to see them photographing in action while learning in a limited group.

Among the photographers, six will be coming from other parts of the world while two are from India. This will be a great chance for new photographers to learn different styles as well as enhance their wedding photography skills.

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