Gang Violence In Chicago Funeral Homes

For many families, a love one’s wake can be one of the saddest and most sombre moments in their lives. However, in some Chicago neighbourhoods, families do their mourning under the threat of gang violence. According to CBS Chicago, some of the community leaders are calling to the state lawmakers for a crackdown on violence.

At her funeral homes, June Williams have made the effort to offer comfort for grieving families. In spite of decades of experience in funerals and wakes, June Williams was not prepared for some the things that she would soon witness.

According to Williams, at a wake, a gentleman went to see his brother who has been killed. Williams who was standing near the casket was touched because the man was grieving for his brother. Another individual walked up to the man, placed his arms around him and then stabbed the man.

Wakes and funerals are sacred moments for grieving families but in Chicago it is the ideal time for violent retaliation. According to crisis responder Andrew Holmes, he has experienced seeing weapons under the seats at funeral homes and churches.

According to funeral directors, some of the gang members show up during the services of the persons they have killed to gain points from their leaders. In order to avoid being a victim of violence, funeral directors try to avoid wearing certain colours. Funeral directors also make the effort to look for the shortest and safest route to cemeteries.

After being a funeral director for 33 years, Williams has certainly seen and experienced some of the changes in the industry but it is only now that she is scared for her own life. Some funeral directors have hired additional security. When there is a potential for violence, policemen stand guard at the funeral homes and at churches.

Losing a love one can be a very disappointing experience but there are funeral directors in Sydney who will help you plan and prepare an appropriate funeral service. Funeral directors understand that grieving families need all the support they can get that is why they make sure that ceremonies and rituals take place without hassle.

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