Gambling And Bitcoin Reward In Dragon’s Tale

Dragon’s Tale is only one of the millions of online casinos but it is considered unique among the rest because it is based in Bitcoin. The originality of the said game has created a new genre in the online gambling community specifically the bitcoin gambling market. Dragon’s Tale was launched last 2012 and is still in operation up until now. It is considered as one of the first bitcoin casinos to be launched in the entire digital currency network.

Since the introduction of Dragon’s tale, it has been aiming to create a casino wherein the empowerment comes from the community itself. It desires for the players to have all the fun and pleasure in playing an adventurous game that involves role playing. Aside from playing a role, players will also have the chance to join in gambling with the exotic mini games that are included in the game. These games are all based on a casino setting.

Dragon’s Tale presents a lot of cool things but the top among them is that any users have the ability to open an account and start joining in the casino right away without the need to deposit first, as simple as that. All you have to do to start earning your coins is to create your own account. Dragon’s Tale has a great reward system and makes it possible for players to earn free coins of their own. There are also many ways wherein a player could double his investment.

Once a free account has been created, the players will have many ways wherein they can get their hands on the free bits. The easiest of all is by asking the Soldier statues that are found in the game if they can have some free bits. The Soldier statues can be easily located in all of the islands that are found in the game. Not only will this, but the newbies in the game also have the chance to get free bits given to them by other existing players. Free bitcoins can also be achieved if they can complete tasks using their own characters on the game.

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