Funding Needed By Rehab Center

Community members in Jamestown are taking actions in order to build additional rehabilitation facilities in the area. This is because there is a clear problem that needs to be addressed in terms of addiction. They do not have a state-of-the art facility like California detox clinic and there is a proposal to deduct funds from the Jamestown Police Department in order to fund the rehabilitation center programs.

Looking at it in the logical point of view, they should not have taken the matter directly to the city council. The community members requested the council that half of the money gathered from drug asset forfeiture to be utilized in funding rehabilitation as well as detox centers in the region. This is not a good plan of action because the Jamestown Police Department along with the Jamestown Metro Drug Task Force is also in need of the money they will get from the drug asset forfeiture. They need the funds to cover their expense for the operations and the equipment they are using.

The city of Jamestown is also not in a good state financially since it cannot funnel extra money to the police department to cover the costs of the new equipment or to manage drug buys that are conducted by the undercover agents. Aside from these, drug dealers are scattered all over the streets of the city and they have to be eliminated to solve the drug problem in the city.

In 2016, the state of New York was able to gather about $28.5 million due to the drug asset forfeiture. From the total amount, the state was able to keep the 40 per cent while the office of the district attorney received 25 per cent. The remaining 35 per cent was given to local reimbursements.

The community members are now requesting an amount of $8,500 annually to be used in operating the rehabilitation facility. This is the sad fate of local facilities unlike California detox clinic which is owned and manage by a private company thus all cost are covered. Jamestown is now faced with a big question as to where to get the money or how to better improve the rehab facility in the city.

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