From Concrete To Cash

Bill Sandbrook is known to be the man responsible in making a defunct company manufacturing concrete into something that is more like a market leader. He replaced the management of the U.S concrete back in 2011 and at that time the decision might seem unreasonable. During that time, he was with a Georgia company that has reach in other countries while receiving a revenue stream worth $5 billion. It was not clear why he should exchange it for a company worth only $400 million and already on its way to being bankrupt. The company has to be fixed from the bottom to the top.

U.S. Concrete is a known supplier of concrete that is ready-mixed which is used in various projects such as commercial, public works and residential. It was Sandbrook who figured out that there needs to be a few tweaking when it comes to the strategy and it could result to a niche that will be employed in the materials. The idea he developed was quite simple, target markets in the real estate sector that are fast developing and then hold on to them. He targeted various markets including North Texas, San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.

In order to reduce the costs, he decided to relocate the corporate headquarters which was originally in Houston and consolidated it with another existing field location in Euless. This is where things started to go the right way but his main focus is to earn the trust of all his employees with a total number of 2,700 workers. He shared that when he came into the company, the stocks of the employees are all been reduced to zero. He admitted that he knew how the employees must be feeling and thought that they have already decided not to put their trust in the company that have already screwed them that one time.

One of Sandbrook’s skills is managing and motivating people which he has a lot of training while in the military. One he had graduated from West Point, he decided to join the Army and became an officer. He was the leader in the engineering projects conducted in Germany. He was able to get the trust of his workers and they are make U.S. concrete a success once more.

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