Former Northern Labs Building Now Used As Climate-Controlled Storage Space

People have become very practical over the past century. Nowadays, they find value in everything, including things that have already been used by other people but still prove to be very useful. One such example is a very familiar blue building on the corner of West Custer Street and the South Rapids Road formerly used by Northern Labs and now being used as a climate controlled storage space.

The building, which also has an additional office and small business areas that can be rented, has been up for sale for a couple of years before it was bought by Kevin Ramminger of the Statewide Property Advisors, Inc. last year.

People in the area were actually wondering what would happen to the building and while they were doing so, they didn’t know that Ramminger was already making plans to turn it into a whole new business: The Manitowoc Self Storage.

For those who do not know, self storage is a great way of storing personal belongings, de-cluttering a household, storing old and valuable furniture and many other purposes. Self storage has many types and one of them is climate controlled storage wherein the storage units are made available in stored buildings where all of the units are humidity and temperature controlled which would help provide protection to valuable items.

Ramminger said that he has had his eye on the former Northern Labs building as well as watching over the market area in Manitowoc for quite a while now. He remarked that the location as well as the reputation and nature of the building are all perfect for his idea. Ramminger also noted how busy the area was and how it is the perfect place for any kind of business.

Currently, Ramminger is preparing a website for the brand new business so that people would be able to rent spaces online. The website will also allow them to make payments online and help them effectively manage their spaces.
While it is true that Kevin Ramminger is excited for his new business, he is also happy that a historic building would once again be used, this time for his business.

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