Firm Similar To Paul Bradburn Sold First Franchise

Thanks to the emergence of newer and better technology, we can now make anything that is creatable artificially. You see, we now live in the new Digital Age where almost everything and anything can now be made just by touch of a button in a computer. For starters, there’s the 3D printer which can basically print anything that you desire in 3D dimension. In fact, this specific kind of technology has been widely used by almost all industries around the world because it helps them do their job more efficiently without having to search for the tools and other things that they will need because they already have the technology to make those needed things. In addition to this 3D printer has been used by some business establishments to allow clients to own their very own 3D dimensional action figure of themselves. The key here is the positioning of the sensors which will detect the shape of the figure itself. The better position the sensors are in, the accurate the figure will become. Now, among the other things that can now be created artificially is the arterial grass for grass like the ones being made and sold to the public by Paul Bradburn and his firm in the United Kingdom.

Just last December of 2016, it was reported that a Manchester-based firm which is specializing in making and selling artificial grass for homes who have no garden, has successfully sold its very first franchise. The firm, Great Grass, similar to the artificial grass supplier and installer owned and run by Paul Bradburn, has made the said sale upon receiving their much-needed accreditation from the British Franchise Association or BFA. The first buyer of the said franchise which included the business model of Great Grass, was none other than the husband-and-wife tandem of Peter and Susan Gale who are based in Swindon. They are now running the business under the name of Great Grass Bristol and Swindon. The duo has been reported to have bought a management franchise that will see them employ single team before growing the enterprise into a multi-team company.

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