How To Find Authentic Restaurant In Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit Road is one of the busiest roads in Bangkok. While it is low in tourist attractions, you will never run out of choices if you are looking for nightlife, bars, shopping malls and authentic restaurant in Sukhumvit. Although you can easily find restaurants around Sukhumvit, it would still be best to prepare your itinerary or come up with a list of places and restaurants that you are going to visit when you arrive in Bangkok. Here are some sources for you to check.

Read restaurant reviews

There are numerous third party sites on the internet from which you can refer to. These sites provide restaurant reviews and ratings to provide tourist some ideas as to where they should eat and dine to experience authentic Thai dishes. The good thing about reviews is that they provide comprehensive information about the food and restaurant including the price per serving, the specific address of the authentic restaurant in Sukhumvit and even the ingredients used in the dishes. Reviews also provide a list of must-try’s in Bangkok and in Thailand.

Check from your hotel

Hotels usually have in-house restaurants and they generally offer authentic dishes as a way of promoting the country and its culture. While most restaurants also offer western dishes, it would be better to taste and enjoy local delicacies to fully experience Thailand. Aside from the restaurant in your hotel, you can also ask some recommendations from the front desk office for restaurants that you can check. Travel magazines and pamphlets found in airports also offer information on must-eat and must-try dishes in Thailand.

Ask the locals

Perhaps the best sources of information about Bangkok and the places you must go and dine are the locals. If you have difficulty communicating with locals with their rather complex language, you can check online forums and discussion boards for ideas. If you have friends who have travelled in Thailand, ask for authentic restaurant in Sukhumvit that they can confidently recommend. If you would also walk along the street of Sukhumvit, there is also a good chance to find an excellent local restaurant.

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