Why Some Families Leave Their Homes In The Suburbs For Condos In The City

Vicky Vyas dreamed of a low-maintenance and less-isolated existence that she moved from the suburbs of Brampton to the city of Toronto. Vyas and her two pre-teens were tired of shoveling snow and the long distance drive to the city. The family used to live in a four-bedroom raised bungalow but they chose a 1,350 square feet condo unit with a 400 square feet terrace.

Vyas condo unit was larger than the average condo size of 797 square feet in Toronto which can be cramped for a family of three. For many families, condo living can be considered as a no-brainer sacrifice as long as it allows them to live in the city. However, for Vyas, it is more about location than space. Even if the pre-teens have to sleep in a bedroom she fashioned from the den with Vyas sleeping in a Murphy bed, the condo is located in one of Toronto’s landmarks.

Many families who opt for a unit with at least 1,000 square feet of space are not particularly concerned with the limited space because living in the city is more cost effective than commuting from the suburbs every day. Besides that, when a family lives in a condo, they do not have to worry about maintenance. What many families look for is the open concept unit because it allows them to configure space based on their needs.

However, one problem of young families is child care which requires them to move closer to the parents who can help care for the child. Condo developers are incorporating daycare spaces into their development proposals with some adding childcare facilities. Having common areas around the building including green spaces can be an ideal alternative to a backyard garden. Condos are usually developed with young families in mind; particularly those who work downtown.

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