The Failure In Improving The English Language

It can be remembered back in 2013 when a newspaper published a major headline regarding Thailand and how it has only two years left in order to improve its standard when it comes to the English language in order to compete with others in the Asean Community. The Asean community is now almost celebrating is first anniversary and according to majority of reports, it has shown to be a modest success. The headline that was published three years ago could still be published once more. This is in line with the recent announcement by the Ministry of Education regarding its new plans in an attempt to upgrade the proficiency of the students in both elementary and high school when it comes to the English language.

It is only right that the new plan which was announced three years after the publishing of the headline that served as a warning for the government will be more focused on the administrations as well as the educators. This means that the ministry will launch different reforms that will change how the English language is taught in school. This time the focus will not be on the students who are the ones expected to raise the standard of the English language. This is considered an odd method in solving a known and long standing issue that has kept on failing to teach students the English language for a number of decades.

It is known by many what the causes of the failure in the existing system. The first one is that how rote learning is adapted. The best they can do most of the time is to give students repetitive words which make it possible for them to write these words in English. This does not mean that they have learned English though. The trick into learning the English language is for students to be able to connect words together and form sentences whether in oral or written form. Writing and speaking English should be based on grammatically correct sentences which are not only right but is the only useful way to learn the language.

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