Explained: Variables Affecting Faster Drug Addiction

A lot of people use drugs. However, not every person gets addicted. The reason boils down to how he is taking the drug.


Whether a person is swallowing or snorting, injecting or smoking it, that explains how much of the drug gets to the brain, the speed and the effects of the drug’s rise and fall on the brain levels.


This is the pharmacokinetic variable which reflects the body’s absorption and drug distribution. The rapid increase and decrease in brain levels is more probably going to lead in addiction.


How often and how fast a drug gets to the brain


Addiction stems from the brain changes due to drugs. This is the reason a person looks for and takes drugs uncontrollably.


Rats were used by researchers to investigate the issue. How often the brain levels rise and fall as well as the speed of the drug reaching the brain during intoxication both have huge influences regarding addiction.


A series of studies were carried out that indicated that rapid drug injections result in a greater desire for a drug.


The reason for cigarette addiction, not nicotine patch


Researchers also tested the intermittent use of drugs in comparison to continuous use.


Some rats were given intravenous injections per day. This resulted in spikes as well as dips in brain levels. Another group also took a drug continuously which resulted in stable and high brain levels.


Those taking drugs intermittently are much more prone to get a drug.


In relation to cigarette smoking versus a person making use of nicotine skin patches, the inhalation of smoke from cigarettes causes intermittent spikes. A nicotine patch, on the other hand, produces a continuous level of nicotine. Thus, cigarette smoking is addictive but patches usually aren’t.


How this relates to addiction in general


Although there is a luxury rehab center or a hospital that helps with addiction, the best way in order to protect oneself from getting addicted is to not take any drugs in the first place.


However, humans have always experimented with drug use for years, and they will still do so due to the fact that these activate the reward circuit in the brain. Due to the protective mechanisms in the brain, they regulate the intake to maximize benefits and minimize costs.


There are recent challenges to the protective mechanisms. This helps in making some drugs from being addictive to being therapeutic. Currently, this is used to treat addiction like methadone for treating heroin addiction or oral amphetamine for treating cocaine addiction.

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