Experiencing An Active Life In Madarao

Are you looking for a place to relax and be free from the stress at work and even at home? Are you a traveler looking for the next place full of fun and adventure? Search no more because this might just be the place for you! A fun and relaxing place, Madarao is a place often visited by people who wants to relax and enjoy the simple life and scenery of Japan. It is a highland area located in the northern area of Nagano Perfecture near a little temple town called Iiyama. With its picturesque scenery and divine culture, it is a place you want to visit more than once.

Life is all about exploring and being free. If you are tired of the fast pace of life in the city, Madarao offers a relaxing ambience that would make you relax and feel closer to nature. The resorts in the area offer different activities that you just cannot refuse. One of their famous activities is skiing, a sport that anyone can enjoy. With 60% of its courses ungroomed, there is always a good chance that you get to enjoy a fluffy, deep powder when you ski. How is that for starters? The place even features a unique bowl-shaped area for skiing. If you are with your family, you might want to choose the type of course that best suits every single one of your family members.

  • Groomed Course
  • Ungroomed Course
  • Tree run Course
  • Free Ride Park
  • Kid’s Park
  • Wave Courses

Most accommodations in Madarao are lodge-style. They even provide teachers for novice or even advanced skiers who want to make the most of their experience in Madarao. Aside from skiing, the place also offers other snow activities such as snowboarding. If you are a beginner and was not able to buy gears for your first ski or snowboard experience, Madarao has shops that might help you. They can let you rent ski and snowboards for your enjoyment on each courses. Also, the place boasts of facilities and restaurants that you can enjoy and wish to return to. Life has never been this relaxing and fun until you experience the most out of an active life Madarao.

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