Escape The Busy City By Visiting Greece

Greece has a lot to offer when it comes to tourists spots. One will be able to go around the islands like a local by renting their own car at a reliable company such as Flisvos. The good thing about the tourist destinations in the country compared to other countries is that there are no crowds to fight with.

You will be able to enjoy canoeing, swimming and relaxing while dining on the freshest catch of the island. You can watch as the normal day in the island passes by without having to compete with the noise of vehicles everywhere. You will be able to experience the very things that attract many tourists but you won’t have to fight with the crowd to do so.

One might think that they have visited a very remote island when in fact they are still in Crete and the island is called Loutro. It is the largest Greek islands and also the most popular with tourists. The trick in escaping the crowd is by looking for a trusted company that will book you with the most remote places where you can enjoy everything.

Loutro is located on the southwestern coast of Crete with a spectacular view. This island is less accessible compared to the ones in the north but it offers a quieter holiday. Once you have gotten you rent-a-car from Flisvos, you will be able to drive going to the beautiful Paleochora but it will take you 90 minutes to do so. The place is situated between mountains and the clear, blue sea. You have sandy beaches that go on for half a mile and you have a lot of options when it comes to taverns and restaurants which Crete is known for.

You will have to spend a week in each place, Loutro and Paleochora, in order to experience everything. If you get tired of driving around your rented car fromFlisvos, you can visit Corfu where you will have to do a lot of walking. The Corfu Trail covers the length of the island and you will be able to walk among groves of cypress and olive.

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