Emerging Trends In The Hotel Industry

The hotel and hospitality industry is getting competitive each passing day. With the entry of many brands and chains in the hotel industry, hotels are trying each and every trick in the book to stand out and stay ahead of competition. The expectations of the hotel guests are going up and hotels are forced to try new designs and creative ideas to lure guests.

From changing designs to modern hotel fitouts in Canberra, here are the latest trends in hotel designs

  1. Hotels are trying to offer unique experiences to different demographics by creating different brands for diverse offerings. Hotels have to appeal to the diverse demographics to increase their business and they use impactful designs and fitouts to diversify their offerings.
  2. Today’s generation of guests looks for bespoke experiences in the hotels. They look out for personalization of services that make them feel important. Hotels have to work harder to capture guest preferences in each and every aspect of their stay. They have to track the minute details starting with their favourite coffee to their preferred lighting and create tailor-made holidays to suit the preferences of the guests. Hotels are making use of Big data to personalize the services and offer bespoke hotel experiences to the guests.
  3. Hotel industry generates tons and tons of waste every year. With increased awareness among the guests, there is a new trend of zero-waste, environmentally sustainable hotels coming up all over the world.
  4. Hotel lobbies are being reinvented as community spaces. New age hotel fitouts in Canberra help to design lobbies as social hubs where guests can socialize and collaborate. Gone are the days, where the lobby was just a check-in facility, modern hotel lobbies are working harder, with events and facilities to keep them active throughout the day.
  5. Wellbeing is the trendiest buzz word in hotel industry. New age hotels are coming up a number of facilities like health clubs, fitness centres, yoga rooms or yoga mats in guest rooms, juice bars and organic food.
  6. With increased competition, hotels are forced to diversify and offer diverse accommodation options to the guests. They are looking for new designs in rooms and hotel fitouts in Canberra to offer a luxurious and personalized experience to the guests.
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