Doctor’s Impact On Weight Loss

According to a recent study, doctors who give at least 30 seconds of their time talking to patients about losing weight can have a big impact.

There are some individuals who have no plans of losing some of their body weight but have lost around 10 per cent of it after they have been given a weight loss program free of charge.

According to the researchers from University of Oxford, if every doctor will spend at least 30 seconds about losing weight with their overweight patients, it would create a big impact.

The latest findings have been published in the Lancet showing that patients are not taking offence when given the advice.

A statement from one of the participants, Paul Cooper, revealed that more than anyone else, the doctor is the one that has the permission to bring up topics such as weight. It is not as personal as telling your better half that she is overweight.

He recalled how he went for his normal appointment with his doctor located in Northampton when his physician told him that his current weight which is 98 kg or 15 stone 6 lb is not healthy.

This is when the 69 year old started to reflect. He realized that whenever he looked down, he is not able to see his feet anymore.

Paul was only one of the total 2,728 people who are severely overweight and were included in the trial. Each one of them came to their doctor for different reasons other than their weight. Out of nowhere, the doctor takes a few seconds talking about the patient’s weight.

Half of the group is given free weight loss programs such as Rosemary Conley and Slimming World. Four out of every 10 people attended the program. It shows that around a quarter of the patients have lost 5 per cent of their previous weight while one tenth of those who attended have lost around 10 per cent after being a year in the program.

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