Display A Great Wall Canvas Using CanvasPop

The photos deserve a better home than just being in a smartphone. CanvasPop makes that a reality. It is going to turn Prisma photos, Instagram snaps, or any other picture into a work of art on canvas.

A work of art on canvas

CanvasPop is not a newcomer in the photography scene, as it has been around for years turning people’s Facebook and Instagram pics into beautiful wall-worthy art pieces. Now, the company is in collaboration with Prisma, known for its trendy art filters that popularized during last summer.

The co-founder Adrian Salamunovic mentioned to TechCrunch that just after the launch of Prisma, CanvasPop had seen “hundreds” of orders that came in, a number of which involved the new painter-esque effects of Prisma. Currently, CanvasPop and Prisma are in talks of integrating the former’s own API with the Android and iOS apps of Prisma.

While this is not available yet, people still have the option to take their Prisma pieces to CanvasPop’s website and try out their new section dedicated for Prisma.

Hang works of art on walls

Don’t just let great pictures stay hidden in a mobile device’s internal memory or on a computer’s hard drive, take it to CanvasPop. CanvasPop is going to enhance and optimize each photo it gets to make it look its best. The company has already produced greater than 450,000 canvases, each is guaranteed for life and are also made using only materials of the highest quality. These are also handcrafted in North America.

According to the CanvasPop team, they have a mission to surprise and satisfy its customers in everything that they do, from delivering quality products, to their amazing website, and with their customer service, the CanvasPop team is sure to make every customer happy.

So far, it looks like the company has succeeded. With no details spared, the maker even signed each canvas made.

Summing up

Having stunning Photos on Canvas is a great way to display, show off and also reminisce those great memories. CanvasPop truly gave people a different way to hang works of art on walls, and this is going to be well-appreciated by different kinds of people.

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