Developers And Customers Battle Against Apple

The developers under the iOS App Store by Apple is now having a battle against the company because of the taxes they are paying. They have been mostly silent about the 30 per cent that is Apple’s cut from their app earnings but they are silent no more as there is an additional 30 per cent in taxes that will be added on everything that the app sells – this includes subscriptions as well as the continued revenue the app is getting.

There is also a rule that states that the developers are not allowed to give customers an idea that they can purchase directly from them without the use of the App Store. Ads from these apps do not allow any mention of encouraging customers to visit the developer’s website for the prices of their products.

Developers are now considering Apple’s management resembling North Korea’s government – an authoritarian. It was only recently that Spotify voiced out its complaints against the Apple company because of the very restrictions that are imposed on developers such as them which makes it difficult for them to do their own work. Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming service and can be accessed through Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

According to Spotify, the app that was developed for iOS in order to have access for their music streaming has a new update. The latest version of the subscription based app is said to have contents that promotes subscription through the use of the app and the transactions will be done outside of the App store.

Apple is not requiring any of their app developers such as Spotify to use only the billing service provided by the company which means that a 30 per cent cut will be taken from the transaction. The only restriction is that it should not be promoted to customers that they have an option to buy subscriptions without using the app.

Apple has already announced that there will be changed in the subscription guidelines in the coming months thus it can’t be good news for app developer in Singapore and all over the world including Spotify and Amazon.


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