Decorating Tips For Wedding Reception Banquet Tables

The most sacred part of the wedding is definitely the ceremony itself. As the groom nervously stands near the base of the altar, guests seated and anxiously awaiting the bride’s entrance, there is that feeling of solemn anticipation. But as soon as the bride enters and slowly walks towards her groom and husband-to-be, everything shifts from anticipation to reverence, happiness, pride, a whole ball of raw emotions molded into one moment. And as soon as the bride and groom had said their vows and sealing their pact of commitment with a kiss, it will all be smiles, laughter and cheers. Once all of that is done, everyone will proceed to the reception, an integral part of the wedding where all the fun happens.

You can say that the reception is as important as the wedding ceremony because this is where everyone, the bride and groom along with all of the guests let loose and have fun. So how are you going to make the reception special for everyone? Simple enough, the decoration plays a large role in the reception and when it comes to decorations your tables must never be left out. Here are a few decorating tips for different types of reception tables.

  • BANQUET TABLES. These tables are perfect for rooms with massive floors, high ceilings and tall windows.
    • It is important that tables are able to reach high in order to add dimension, as well as breaking the long, narrow tables. You only need to be creative when doing this.
    • The space must always be considered. If the windows are oversized, you would have to balance them out by placing longer tables to add depth to the room.
    • Use creative shapes. Don’t just go with the norm. Have your plates mimic the table because sharp sides can make subtle points.
    • Elongate the table by making the runners long. You can use all sorts of materials here most effective is the tulle material because it adds elegance and sophistication to the table. A graphic runner can add texture to the table.
    • Don’t overload the table with details. Just keep it simple yet satisfying to look at. You should remember that not every inch needs covering.
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