Couple Transformed Shipping Containers Into Outdoor Pools

Many have been dreaming of having their own outdoor spa in Sydney but this couple from Abbotsford, British Colombia took matters into their own hands. After their first creation, they have created a buzz in the industry and many are interested in the shipping containers they are converting into outdoor pools.

The couple, Paul Rathnam and his wife Denise, started their company called Modpools. The business was launched in the BC Home and Garden Show that was held in Vancouver in the beginning of this year. After which, the idea has become quite popular that they are receiving orders from various states such as Florida, Texas, Nevada and California.

According to Paul Rathnam, majority of their clients love the fact that they are making use of old shipping containers. People rallied behind the idea especially those who view the traditional pool as a waste of resources and a cause for homeowners to spend too much. Their backyard pool made out of shipping containers is not only modern but modest in design as well. Instead of sending the shipping containers for recycling, they are using it for another purpose. The advantages is that it can be resold to other people and it can be moved into a new location if need be.

Every Modpool in considered as a custom order and the client has to wait around eight weeks until completion. The standard size is 8ft by 20 ft in length while the deepness is a just a little more than five feet. Ordering in Canada can cost $35,000 which does not include the taxes.

Mr. Rathnam said that waiting time is much faster compared to building a concrete pool which can be constructed in a maximum of two years. A traditional pool can set them back between $80,000 and $150,000 in British Colombia.

Majority of their clients are willing to pay for their Modpool because it is much cheaper.

In Australia, homeowners who wish to stay cool during the hot days can also purchase an outdoor spa in Sydney. The only difference with Modpools is that the size can be customized as well as the windows on the shipping containers and it comes with a hot tub compartment.

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